6 Benefits Of Open Adoption

When you're faced with an unplanned pregnancy and know you're not ready to be a mother, adoption can often be the right choice for you and your baby. You will be giving your child the chance to have an amazing life, and helping those who really want to be parents but are perhaps unable to conceive naturally. An open adoption, where you and the adoptive parents have a relationship and interact with each other, offers unique benefits over closed adoption for some prospective parents. Here are six benefits of open adoption:

More Control and Certainty

With an open adoption, you have a chance to meet and interview potential adoptive parents. With the help of your adoption agency, you will be able to choose adoptive parents you trust and feel will provide your child with a wonderful, loving home. Having a say in this important matter can help you feel empowered about your choice, instead of feeling like it's happening against your will.

Unlike in closed adoptions, there is no uncertainty or mystery about who will be raising your birth child, or what their circumstances will be like as they grow up. This can help you feel much more in control of an otherwise scary situation.

Increased Feeling of Peace

Even when you know you're making the right choice, placing your baby for adoption is often an emotionally difficult time in your life. Studies have shown that participating in an open adoption can lead to significantly better post-adoption adjustment for birth mothers. The transparency and open communication in this type of adoption might help you avoid feelings of depression or guilt. You may find that you emotionally process the adoption experience in a healthier and quicker manner than with a closed adoption.

Potential Relationship with Child

Depending on your wishes and the wishes of the adoptive parents, an open adoption often allows for birth parents to maintain a relationship with the child. While you won't be taking on the role of parent in the child's life, you can nonetheless have an important, mutually beneficial, and healthy relationship with each other. This can help lessen feelings of loss and grief you may otherwise experience. It also provides the child with another person to care for them and wish them the best.

Better for Child's Sense of Identity

Since you won't be kept as a secret from the child, they will be able to grow up knowing where they came from and understanding their family history. Sometimes adopted children suffer from a lack of belonging, or missing a true sense of identity. Having access to information about you and their family tree can help counteract this.

Medical Information

If your child or their adoptive parents ever need to know more information about family medical history, genetic issues, etc., an open adoption will make this much easier.  As part of the adoption process you will provide a detailed medical history, but an open adoption helps you to provide more of this information as needed over time.

Child Less Likely to Struggle with Abandonment Issues

Some adopted children grow up feeling emotionally wounded, wondering if their birth parents cared about them and why they were given up for adoption. In an open adoption, the child doesn't have to wonder and can instead grow up knowing you made the best choice for all involved. Rather than being shrouded in mystery, the reasons you decided on adoption can be discussed in a healthy, open manner.

Placing a baby up for adoption is never an easy decision, but if you decide to go through with an open adoption know you doing something beautiful for the baby and yourself.

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