Are You An Ecstatic Bride-To-Be? Here Are 3 Tips To Ensure Your Wedding Outfit Is Low-Stress Perfection

Is your stomach full of butterflies at the thought of picking out your wedding outfit? Choosing a dress and the accompanying accessories can be exciting, but it's easy to make mistakes in your excitement that could stress you out down the line. If you want to get the perfect wedding outfit the first time, here are a few tips for what you can do on your first trip to the bridal shop to ensure things go smoothly.

Choose Your Advisers Wisely

While TV shows about weddings may lead you to think your whole family and your friends can be with you when you try on potential dresses, most bridal shops are simply too small to allow this. If other women are also there getting a dress or having one tailored, the chance for overcrowding is much higher. As a result, you'll probably only be allowed to take two or three people in the back with you to try on dresses.

Since you can only have a couple of people, it's vital that you choose advisers who are going to help you look your best. That means your friend who always tries to dress you up in her style probably shouldn't be invited, along with friends who will tell you that everything looks good on you and the ones who don't have a clue when it comes to fashion.

Instead, bring people with you who know your tastes well and also have a grasp on what styles will best suit your body type. Your dress will probably be the most beautiful thing at the wedding, so you should only listen to advice from people who know what they're talking about and will shoot straight.

Don't Expect Tailoring To Fix Every Problem

Too often brides assume that a dress that looks just okay when they try it on will end up being beautiful after it's tailored to fit. While tailoring does improve some aspects of a dress, it can't make an average one spectacular, so it's important to know what aspects of a dress can be fixed with tailoring and which ones are permanent.

Some aspects of an ill-fitting dress can be fixed by a tailor. For example, if a dress is too loose in places, it's a cinch to take it in until it fits. A dress that's too long can also easily be shortened to your taste. In general, it's much easier to remove material from a dress than it is to add it, so keep that in mind when you're picking yours out. 

If a dress's style doesn't suit your body type, tailoring it won't help. For example, a strapless dress that doesn't provide you enough support in the bust before tailoring likely won't give you much more afterward, which means you'll be sagging on your big day. A good rule of thumb is to stick with what you know works -- never choose a wedding dress in a cut that you typically don't wear.

Cut The Costs, Not The Quality

Wedding expenses can easily get out of hand if you aren't careful, but that shouldn't dissuade you from getting a high quality wedding dress. Instead of worrying about the cost of your dress, focus on other aspects of your outfit to help save money.

In many cases, the shoes you wear won't matter too much, since a long dress will make them almost invisible. For accessories that will be easy to see, like the veil, consider buying pre-owned pieces. A beautiful veil is still beautiful if it's already been worn, but it will typically cost much less than a new one. For added meaning, consider borrowing accessory items from women in your family who have already been married. 

Planning your wedding is exciting, and no aspect of it is more exciting than planning your wedding outfit. Still, remember these tips when you go to the bridal shop and make sure not to get so carried away that you buy the wrong dress or splurge on accessories. With a little caution, you can save yourself quite a bit of stress before the big day. For more tips, contact a local bridal shop, like Bridal Elegance