4 Important Things To Look For When Watching Adoptive Family Screening Videos

After selecting the option to give your child up for adoption, you can elect to participate in the adoption process of finding a suitable family. The ability to actively look through application videos can provide peace of mind while attempting to navigate through an unplanned pregnancy. The application videos reveal a lot of unsaid things about each prospective family. While you're paying close attention to the information the family verbally reveals about themselves, you can look deeper into the video to find out all you need to know to make a sure decision for your biological child. Here are four important things to look for while you participate in the screening process.

Genuine Love

When you think of what's best for your unborn child, wishes for love and adoration likely fill your mind. To find a family full of naturally nurturing individuals, you can look for signs of love. The most common characteristics of a loving family are respect, empathy and understanding.

As you watch the family interact on video, look at the way each person responds with empathy and understanding during the storytelling of the family's collective journey. For additional confirmation, study the way the family members look at each other or offer affection throughout the video.

Emotional Range

As families speak of their troubles conceiving or other situations that led to the decision to adopt, you should see a wide range of emotions displayed on the screen. Although people will rarely go from crying to smiling during the recording, you will still see hints of the sadness and happiness in facial expressions and word choice. Remember to consider cultural differences when deciphering the emotions you witness.

Look for families with a full emotional range to identify parents who will act as a good emotional role model for your unborn baby. After all, parents play a vital role in the development of emotional regulation and overall stability to help children grow into well-adjusted adults.  

Sense of Humor

Although you do not need to select a family of comedians, families displaying a strong sense of humor definitely offer benefits to a growing child. A sense of humor not only strengthens social bonds, but also helps children learn about the world, develop self-esteem and manage stress.

Development of this important characteristic starts at around six months of age with parental observation. By one year of age, kids readily are laughing at funny stimulus on their own. A sense of humor also helps parents roll with the punches that commonly occur with child rearing. After all, finding the humor in stressful situations can mitigate strong emotional responses associated with messy accidents or full-blown meltdowns.

Household Dynamic

The overall energy of the household clearly shows in the amount of enthusiasm family members have while making the adoption screening video. Both parents should be onboard with the process to prevent resentment upon taking the baby home. If one parent is simply trying to appease the other, the adjustment period may not go as smoothly as one might hope. Although siblings may show a slight amount of apprehension, the overall tone should reflect hopes for a sibling or excitement about bringing the baby home.

Picking the Perfect Family

Once you cycle through the videos of available adoptive families, reflect on the above areas to see if any fit your internal criteria. You can create a checklist of important factors or just go with your gut instinct. Go ahead and watch the videos as many times as you wish in an effort to catch telltale words or expressions.

If you do not feel satisfied with the families offered by the adoption agency, wait a week and ask for additional videos. In most situations, you have until the last month of your pregnancy to select a suitable family. If you have a particular family in mind, however, do not delay the selection process.